Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Houston Zoo at Katy, Texas, USA

My Tatay (father) is enjoying at Houston Zoo at Katy, Texas.

Tatay's stay in the US as an immigrant seems like he is living in the place for years now because he has been to various wonderful places in Katy.

Actually, yesterday, we went to the Houston Zoo in order to have a trip, seeing the wildlife animals. My son, my husband and my Tatay are with me in this trip. It is obviously clear that Tatay is the ones who is more of the enjoyment side because it is his first time to have a close encounter with the elephants, the hippopotamus, the giraffes and even it is his first time to see the huge aquarium and numerous flocks of fish of any kinds. It is really his total trip in the place.  His smiles reach at his jaws. That is how happy he is.

Houston Zoo is indeed a nice educational place for family trips as well as for children. It is where they will appreciate the presence of various kinds of animals, small and big, tall and short, can swim, walk, jump or run. This place explains more than the book can ever donate. The experience is totally grand and it is irreplaceable!

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